How i-cool® For Menopause with geniVida® helps relieve hot flashes*

Hot Flash Causes

Losing your cool?

Our bodies have an internal ‘thermostat’ that enables us to feel hot and cold when appropriate. Estrogen helps to naturally regulate how that thermostat works.

Feeling Hot Menopause

Feeling hot, hot, hot.

When an internal or external trigger (anything from stress to a breeze to spicy food) is intense enough, our body reacts with a physical reaction.

Hot Flash Symptoms

The heat is on.

During menopause, declining estrogen causes the ‘thermostat’ to become ultra-sensitive. The slightest trigger, or sometimes no trigger at all, may cause the body to experience an intense reaction, often a powerful sensation of overheating ‑ a hot flash.

Genstein for Menopause

Take a chill pill.

One way to dial back the heat is with genistein, the most efficacious type of isoflavone, shown to help reduce the duration and intensity of hot flashes.*

Balance Menopause Hormones

Get back in balance.

The binding of genistein to some of the estrogen receptor cells helps to restore balance in the body.*

Cool Down Hot Flashes

Recapture your inner cool.

GeniVida® genistein, the primary ingredient in i-cool® For Menopause, is a pure, synthetic form of genistein that is clinically proven to safely reduce hot flashes by up to 51%.*